The Problem

There are approximately 40 MILLION survivors of child sexual abuse in the United States – comparable to the population of California. This silent pandemic can, and will, no longer be tolerated. Although it is an escalating social issue, society has the power and authority to transform it NOW.


  • The statutes of limitations (SOL) impose a disproportionate time limit on victims of child sexual abuse preventing their pursuit of justice and healing. As a result, short SOLs enable pedophiles, and the institutions that harbor them, to operate with impunity. Read more…
  • The system is heavily entrenched in politics and favors those who bring the greatest influence and resources to bear — like religious institutions (all denominations), insurance companies, scouting organizations, teachers and their unions, as well as criminal defense attorneys and civil rights groups.
  • When allegations of misconduct occur within these groups, they resort to defending and protecting their assets from financial exposure. In so doing they further insulate the pedophiles in their ranks from prosecution.
  • Little progress has been made, because lobbyists hired by the Catholic Church, and insurance companies, among others, are spending millions to defeat all manner of SOL reform. Read more…