Pedophilia Defined

PedophiliaPedophilia has nothing whatsoever to do with a person’s sexual orientation. Pedophilia is a psychosexual disorder in which an adult is sexually attracted to, has powerful urges and intense sexually arousing fantasies about, or engages in sexual acts with, a prepubescent child of the same or the opposite sex.

An adult with this disorder is considered a PEDOPHILE. A pedophile that acts on their desires is a child molester – of which 93% are adult males, most of which are married. A child molester views children as useful objects for his/her own sexual stimulation or gratification.

Pedophiles are often well-respected pillars of the community and hold positions of authority, credibility and power. For example, besides being family members, they can be babysitters, teachers, coaches, scout leaders, clergy, foster parents, medical practitioners, day care providers and social workers. They generally gravitate to target-rich environments, such as schools, sporting activities, churches and summer camps.

Pedophiles often seek out shy, withdrawn, or handicapped children, or those children who come from troubled, abusive, or neglected homes. They also prey on children of single parents who aren’t available to provide adequate supervision.

Pedophiles seek secure, unlimited and unsupervised access to children where they can dominate a child to engage in sexual activity through deception, intimidation, force or coercion.

Pedophiles are, by nature, charming masters of manipulation who gain the trust of the parents as well as the child well before they act. First they lure children often with attention, affection, pets, bribery, candy, and gifts, followed by grooming behavior, which may include:

  • regularly offering to babysit a child for free or taking a child on overnight outings alone
  • actively secluding a child away from other adults or children
  • insisting on affection, such as kissing, hugging, wrestling or tickling even when the child does not want it
  • displaying more interest in relationships with children than with adults
  • being overly interested in the sexual development of a child
  • insisting on time alone with the child with no interruptions
  • taking lots of pictures of children
  • sharing alcohol or drugs with younger children or adolescents

There is no cure for pedophilia. Without intervention they will continue to act on their desires.