The Overview

THE PROBLEM. The system is not working to protect children.

  • There are 400,000 registered child molesters on our streets and in our neighborhoods and 24% are missing, 95% are male and 90% of convicted molesters are arrested again after serving prison time.
  • The average pedophile molests 260 victims during his or her lifetime.
  • 89% of child assault cases involve persons known to the child but only an estimated 1% to 10% of offense are ever reported. If this is true and only 10% are reported and 50% of those lead to conviction and registration, then the 400,000 figure is actually closer to 8 million pedophiles in the U.S.

THE SOLUTION. Eliminate the criminal and civil statues of limitations for child sex abuse taking the issue directly to the voters using the State’s ballot initiative system and bypassing the legislative process all together.

THE RESULT. Pedophiles, and the institutions that harbor them, will be on notice that they will never be safe from prosecution, conviction, incarceration and civil liability.