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Claire Reeves

Claire Reeves


Joined on: April 2nd, 2013


Dr. Claire R. Reeves is a nationally and internationally recognized expert in child sexual abuse. Reeves is the president and founder of Mothers Against Sexual Abuse, MASA, and the author of Childhood – It Should Not Hurt. Childhood is being used as a textbook at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia and in other universities across the country as part of their curriculum. Childhood is also on the website of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, New Brunswick, Canada and the American Bar Association website as recommended reading for aspiring attorneys. Reeves has testified as an expert witness over 50 times in cases of child sexual abuse in the United States, Canada and in London, England. Reeves has appeared on major television and been interviewed on radio shows across the country. For two years Reeves had her own nationally syndicated television show in Canada. Claire Reeves has been honored by the Governor of California, the Mayor of Los Angeles, the California Assembly, California Senate, the U.S. Congress and was the 1997 Los Angeles Woman of the Year. A sought after speaker and outspoken advocate for victims Reeves is dedicated to exposing the crimes against children and the failure of the courts to protect them. Claire Reeves stands for the young victims who have no voice and no choice as well as the adult survivors of child abuse who also had no choice and no voice.