Child Sex Abuse Facts

Child Sex Abuse FactsFACT: No one can prevent all child sex abuse. There always have been and always will be pedophiles among us. We can, however, prevent a pedophile from molesting subsequent children by ending the cycle that (s)he is perpetuating.

Pedophiles operate in a never-ending, 5-Step Cycle of child sex abuse:

  • Step 1: The pedophile surveils the child.
  • Step 2: The pedophile lures the child.
  • Step 3: The pedophile grooms the child.
  • Step 4: The pedophile sexually abuses the child.
  • Step 5: The pedophile discards the child.

FACT: As soon as one child is discarded, the pedophile is compelled to repeat the cycle again and again.

FACT: A pedophile molests an average of 260 children over his/her lifetime with ongoing abuse escalating over time and lasting approximately four years.

FACT: Serial pedophiles molest over 400 victims during their lifetime.

FACT: Pedophiles groom a child until they can trap them into sex and silence. A victim’s silence is a pedophile’s greatest power. When a victim is finally ready to break their silence the statute of limitation (SOL) has expired.

FACT: Short SOLs serve the best interests of pedophiles by providing the perfect legal defense, because once the statute has expired, they cannot be criminally prosecuted.

FACT: Ending the cycle is contingent upon eliminating the criminal and civil statutes of limitations.

FACT: Although legislatures have extended SOL deadlines incrementally over time, it has had NO effect on ending the cycle. Pedophiles are still molesting children with anonymity and impunity.

FACT: Eliminating SOLs through the legislative process is easily subverted by powerful lobbyists representing high-profile, influential institutions that are seeking to limit their civil liability.

FACT: The only way to bring about real and lasting SOL reform is to bypass the legislative process and take the issue directly to the voters – in the form of a ballot initiative – to eliminate both the criminal and civil SOLs.

FACT: Eliminating the criminal and civil SOLs will allow victims – when they are ready – to come forward in their pursuit of justice and healing.

FACT: Eliminating the criminal SOLs will put pedophiles on notice that they will never be safe from prosecution, incarceration and liability. And, each time a pedophile is arrested and convicted, a cycle will end.

FACT: Eliminating the civil SOLs will financially expose institutions and organizations that harbor pedophiles and motivate them to put zero tolerance measures in place and follow mandatory reporting protocols, which will end future victimization of children.