Child Sex Abuse Defined

Child Sex Abuse DefinedDESCRIPTION. Child sex abuse is any interaction between one child and one adult; or between one child and another child; or group sex with more than one child or adolescent youth(s) in which the child is used for the sexual stimulation/gratification of the perpetrator or an observer.

Most victims know their abusers well, making physical force unnecessary to engage a child in sexual activity. Children are trusting and dependent by nature and will do what is asked of them to gain approval and love.

Child sex abuse includes touching & non-touching sexual acts, like:

  • voyeurism (peeping at or ogling of a child’s body)
  • grooming (lowering a child’s inhibitions making them more accepting of adult sexual advances)
  • persistently intruding on a child’s privacy
  • making explicit sexual comments and obscene phone calls, or sending obscene texts and emails to a child
  • verbal pressure for sex
  • offender exposing or “flashing” intimate body parts to a child
  • tongue kissing or holding a child in a sexual manner
  • inappropriate touching or fondling of the child’s intimate parts (genitals, breasts, or buttocks)
  • offender persuading a child to touch offender’s intimate parts
  • offender rubbing his/her genitals against a child’s body
  • sucking/licking/kissing/biting of child’s breasts
  • offender persuading a child to suck/lick/kiss/bite offender’s breasts
  • oral-genital contact such as cunnilingus/fellatio/anilingus
  • masturbation of child
  • offender persuading a child to watch as offender masturbates
  • vaginal/anal intercourse
  • intercourse with animals
  • vaginal/anal penetration of a child with fingers
  • offender persuading a child to perform vaginal/anal penetration on offender with the child’s fingers
  • vaginal/anal penetration of child with an object
  • offender persuading a child to perform vaginal/anal penetration on offender with an object
  • creating/trafficking in child pornography
  • showing a child pornographic films, magazines, or photographs
  • forcing a child to watch a sexual act
  • child prostitution

All manner of sexual contact with a child by an adult is illegal regardless of the circumstances, the use of force or threats, or the child’s behavior. The law is based on the premise that children due to their age, mental incapacity, or physical disability cannot give meaningful consent to sexual activity.