What We Stand For

Children and the CycleOUR MSSION

Ending the cycle of sexual abuse against children.



Humanity declares zero tolerance towards child sex abuse.

Individuals are empowered to protect those at risk.

Survivors are free to seek justice in their own right, in their own way, and in their own time.



We exist to affect change in order to protect children…pure and simple.

We are committed to changing the system that insulates pedophiles from prosecution, and capitulates to the institutions that harbor them.

We are certain that by changing the law it will end the cycle.

We consider child sex abuse to be the next social issue to be transformed.

We view safeguarding our children as a human rights issue.

We regard every sexual predator, who remains at large, as a public safety concern.

We believe that when the truth is revealed, people will find their voice, become empowered and do what we know is morally right.