A Horrible Chapter

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A Horrible Chapter

My story begins when I was 6 years old. When people looked at me they thought I was the best child and that I got everything that I wanted it seemed like a had a prefect life but little did everyone know that behind that smile of mine was a horrible story to be told.

For nine years I put up with child abuse and was sexually abused by my father. He would beat me for no apparent reason, even if I had hurt myself he hated to hear me cry. I lost my innocence at the age of 6. He didn’t care what he had done or who it affected, I never lived a normal childhood. He would slap me if I didn’t do what he wanted me to do or beat me half to death if I tried to get help.

At the age of 12 I was told that I was pregnant, but my father took me back to the doctor to get an abortion. Finally at the age of 14 I had enough courage to get help. I was putting myself at risk but I didn’t care as long as my mom and brother didn’t have to live with him I didn’t care if I lost my life.

It was a tragic day for my mom because she didn’t know what to do. Sadly she didn’t believe me at first and I was left alone to try and escape from danger. I was homeless for 5 months with no help at all. It was a horrible struggle. After those six months I learned that my mom had turned my dad in because he beat her and was looking for me.

Since I had missed school no one knew about me except one friend. Eventually I came back home and things were finally turning good but I was wrong. My cousin ended up doing the exact same thing to me as my father had done. I did not trust any male whatsoever. I struggle for 2 years until I finally got the trust back, but I still live with the haunting memory of all the pain my dad has caused.

And my father has gotten out of jail and is somewhere out there causing more pain and I feel responsible for it because I let him lose. I feel guilty but one thing I’m for sure is that it will end soon. I’m strong and will find a way to end this miserable chapter of my life that I opened. I will shut it and end it for good. Don’t say you can’t handle your life because if I have survived this and I am here to share it, then you can get through anything no matter how tough it is.


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