Choose Love Over Hate. It’s Just as Simple.

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Choose Love Over Hate. It’s Just as Simple.

The one you love:

When you love him, you want to give him the world. You want to share the world with him. He IS your world. You want to be his world. You love him and you wish that he loves you back. You see his eyes in your mind when you wake up and you imagine his smile when you close your eyes and go to sleep, and you wish he does the same for you. You are willing to be his friend, his lover and his everything and for you he is just enough. You don’t need anything and anyone else to be happy. And you wish he needs nothing else but you too. He is the one you choose to love, he is the one you dream of, he is your love. And in life you can meet just one person who shows you why it never worked out with anyone else before. He is the One you love. It’s just as simple and it’s so beautiful.

The one you hate:

When you hate him, he abducts your world. You don’t want to share your world with him, he even doesn’t deserve to be in your world, but he is there, pretty much breathing the same air like you. You hate him and you wish he never happened to you. You didn’t choose him. You didn’t choose what he did to you. And you didn’t choose him to be that dark part of your past. You though see his eyes sometimes in your dreams and his twisted smile when he comes back to your thoughts. He is still there, and you know he will be never really gone. He is a part of you that you wish never existed. The thought about him is just enough to make you sad, angry and weak. The image of him is just enough to make you cry. The thought about how he stole the “possible you” is just unbearable. He is the person who abused you. And you hate him. He’ll be never really gone from your heart, and the pain will always be there no matter what you do. And in life you can meet just one person who can really break your heart this way, and forever. He is the One you hate. It’s just as simple and it’s horrible.

Can we really choose between them two? Love or Hate?

Can we just replace hating one, with loving another?

Can we just fight and win over the one who broke us, just by having someone who makes us happy and loved?

Can we just fill our hearts with love over the hate?

Yes, we can.

The hate, and the abuse will always be there, but if we just “open the door” and let love come inside, then love might just always stay there and fulfill the emptiness, and replace the hate, and the pain which came from the abuser. Life seems to be so unbearable when you are a grown-up person, who still feels like the little child, once abused. But life can be just as precious and beautiful, if it’s filled up with love and tenderness. Then flowers matter. Then the blue sky matters. Then the lovely morning matters. Then every little beauty matters and makes you smile. And you know you can be happy.

When you love, you are hate-free. Hate is still there, but it’s just not strong enough to make you sad and lonely. The little abused child who still lives in you, wants to be free. This hurt lonely child wants to replace the pain with joy, the hate –with love. The abuse will never be forgotten, but life can be wonderful still, when you are just overwhelmed with love. Power of love is stronger that power of hate and despair.

But how to look “on the bright side of life” when you always felt so alone, and misunderstood, when you didn’t trust anybody, when you never really “let love inside,” and when you always have been kept prisoner to this ugly secret? Abuse makes you a prisoner of your own thoughts, memories and events that you wish never happened. But you cannot just happily delete them from your past. You can learn to live with them, and it can be easy when you open your soul to others, when you open your heart and welcome love in it, when you welcome happiness and joy in it. Love has got amazing powers. You can be healed, even though the fact of abuse will stay. Though the past will not be powerful enough to destroy your future, to destroy you when you have more love than hate in you.

Open your heart, your soul and all your senses, and welcome love!

This is a choice, love doesn’t just happen to us if we don’t want it to happen.

The abuse happened even though we didn’t willingly choose it.

But love-we choose it, and it is the better choice.

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