Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

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Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

So who is the child molester?
He is just like you and me, at least on the outside.

  • He is the ordinary citizen, he is also a human like you and me. And it’s hard to tell this person would harm any other being. Even the opposite-he is nicer than most people, always smiling and well respected in community.
  • He is the friendly neighbor who is always available when you need someone for babysitting or to watch over your kids while you go away for an hour or two.
  • He is the devoted teacher or coach who is always ready to help when your child struggles at school or needs help with the homework.
  • He is the genuine priest who is always there when you need support. He is the one who is always there to listen to your problems and who is always willing to help you and your children in the church, and outside the church too.
  • He is the smiling, funny uncle, relative or family friend who is always there when you need help at home or with the kids. He is the one who is ready to leave everything when you need his assistance and always brings a present for your child when he comes to visit.
  • He is the lovely father or brother who loves his family more than anything and is always ready to spend some extra time playing with the kids.

Who is he? Who is the child molester?
He is one of us. He is the one you would never suspect. And eventually if someone tells you about his crimes, you would never believe that he is capable of such horror actions towards a child. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is why he is so successful in what he does. This is why most of his kind are never reported or even if reported – never convicted of the crimes they do. He relays on your trust and he relays on your good impressions about him. Then he knows he is free to do his thing not bothered by anyone. He knows he is a good manipulator and this is his power, this is his strength. Once you and the community are convinced that he is “a nice guy,” once he wins people’s trust – he is free to abuse children not worried about the consequences because he knows he will be never caught. This is why statistics show that:

  • Male offenders who abused girls had an average of 52 victims each.
  • Men who molested boys had an astonishing average of 150 victims each.
  • Only 3% of these crimes had ever been detected.

How do child molesters get into situations where they can exploit children?

  • Befriending parents, particularly single parents, to gain access to their children.
  • Offering babysitting services to overextended parents or caregivers.
  • Taking jobs and participating in community events that involve children.
  • Attending sporting events for children and/or offering to coach children’s sports.
  • Volunteering in youth organizations, offering to chaperone overnight trips.
  • Loitering in places children frequent – playgrounds, malls, game arcades, etc.
  • Spending time in Internet gaming and social communities, learning the online interests and lingo of youngsters.
  • Becoming foster parents.

What is the most common method used by child molesters?

  • The Affection Lure.

Most victims of abuse are “groomed” over a period of weeks, months, or years. The Affection Lure is used both offline and online to seduce unsuspecting youngsters in need of love and attention. When there’s a physically or emotionally absent parent in the picture, it makes the child more vulnerable than ever.

Which age group is most often targeted by child molesters?

  • Quote of a sexual offender: “Give me a kid who knows nothing about sex, and you’ve given me my next victim.

Wouldn’t a vigilant parent be able to detect a child molester, just by their actions?
Not necessarily. Remember, sex offenders who prey on children:

  • Are notoriously friendly, nice, kind, engaging and likeable.
  • Target their victims, often insinuating themselves into that child’s life – their family, school, house of worship, sports, and hobbies.
  • Are professional con artists and are expert at getting children and families to trust them.
  • Will smile at you, look you right in the eye and make you believe they are trustworthy.


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