Abuse Is Not Love

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Hi. My name is not important but my story is to educate others. I’m sure there are a lot out people out there that are blinded by love like I was. I met a man eight years ago and fell in love and he was great. He liked his alcohol a lot and that was not so great but I learned to live with it. I also have a son who is thirteen now but was five then. My man adored me and would tell me how beautiful I was and how lucky he was and totally loved me. Whatever I wanted he made sure I had.

It was almost pretty much every night he would be drinking and I would get real nervous because I never knew how he would be. He could be so drunk and want sex and I would just let him because I didn’t want to fight. I have had to fight him before or just try to avoid him and pray he would pass out. One night, about four years ago, he got really drunk and he wasn’t himself and he forced himself on me and tried to choke me because I was fighting him. He said I wasn’t going anywhere he also told me he would kill me. I was so scared. He sodomized me and ripped my underpants. I was the most afraid I had ever been.  The next day his sister and son called the cops when they found out. He did about a year, maybe less. He cried and said “I will never do it again, I love you, I’m sorry. You are my baby girl and I will get help” so I believed him and I loved him.  When he got out, he got help and four years probation.  It was great. We were doing really good.  When his probation was over, his drinking started again.

One day, I was at work and his mother came to see me. I didn’t know what to think, I was like what now? She had my son with her and they said they had something they had to tell me. My son said “he has been touching me”. My heart broke into a million pieces and anger brewed. I went to the Sheriff – this had to stop.  He got ten years in prison and I got therapy and medication.  It just goes to show that they can tell you they love you a million times and shower you with all the gifts in the world but there are other ways to show love. What my son and I went through is not one of them.

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  1. Love is blind,you did the right thing,reporting the abuse.Be strong,take care and remember,you and your son were not put on this earth to put up with that shit.Best wishes to you,and your son.

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