Free Sara Kruzan

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Free Sara Kruzan

Sara Kruzan was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for killing her pimp when she was 16 years old. First molested at the age of 5, Sara was repeatedly victimized as a child suffering molestation, gang rape and being forced into prostitution ALL BY THE AGE OF 13.

During her 18 years in prison, Sara has been a model prisoner. She has earned her high school diploma, a college degree and has been a mentor to other prisoners. Acting on a clemency request, then Governor Schwarzenegger commuted her sentence allowing her the possibility of parole. It is not enough. Sara has worked extremely hard to overcome the tragedy of her childhood and deserves a 2nd chance at life. To learn more about Sara’s story, visit Please sign the petition asking for her release from prison.

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  1. Please release Sara from prison

  2. How brave and strong is this woman. She should be released. I know murder is a crime , but she has taken a very evil man off the streets. He can no longer hurt anyone else. She should be free. My heart goes out to Sara. Not only is she in a physical prison , she is also left with an internal one . Being abused as badly as she was is a battle to overcome. I’m sure she has suffered enough.

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