I was Sodomized by a Priest at 7

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I was Sodomized by a Priest at 7

My name is William Lynch. My story begins nearly 4 decades ago in May of 1975. While at a church-sanctioned camping trip in northern California, I was raped, sodomized and strangled by Rev. Jerold Lindner, a Catholic priest. I was seven years old.

I remember blacking out during the rape and regaining consciousness with semen in my mouth and the priest on top of me, his hands around my throat. As he strangled me, he spoke these unconscionable words: “You are no longer a child of God.” In that moment, I felt I ceased to exist. Later in the weekend, Lindner would rape and torture me and my 4-year old brother forcing unthinkable acts among and between us. Watch an exclusive interview of my story.

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