Support the Ballot Initiatives

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Support the Ballot Initiatives

THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE. Many states allow ballot measures as part of a dynamic democratic system. It gives advocates the ability to advance their mission, bypass the legislative process and take the vote directly to the electorate on a single political issue. RISE will be supporting ballot initiatives to repeal both the criminal and civil statutes of limitation (SOLs) for child sexual abuse in all 50 states to protect our children once and for all. This course of action is absolutely viable as multiple states have already done so successfully. We will begin in California in 2020.

THE PROCESS. There are four phases to bringing a ballot initiative and it usually costs several million dollars.

  • Phase 1 requires focus groups and statewide survey to validate the viability for fundraising.
  • Phase 2 requires legally drafting the measure and getting it approved.
  • Phase 3 requires gathering 500,000+ valid registered voter signatures.
  • Phase 4 requires getting the general public to vote to repeal the SOLs.

JOIN US. Your support is greatly needed and appreciated. First and foremost, being fully funded by June 2019 is essential to achieving passage in California. Next, generating a statewide grassroots awareness campaign is imperative. And last, but not least, inspiring the general public to vote resoundingly is going to take a huge concerted effort! One that we cannot do alone.

BY LAW. RISE is a 501(c)3. Any donations provided through this website are tax deductible and will be used to fundĀ  expenses necessary to lay the groundwork for upcoming ballot initiatives. Beginning in 2015, donations specifically for funding the 2020 California ballot initiative will be accepted by an independent 501(c)4. To receive timely notifications as to when those contributions can be submitted, sign up for our newsletter.

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